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Simplifying Domestic Subsidiary Registration in the Philippines
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Manila Bookkeepers offers specialized services in registering a domestic subsidiary in the Philippines. Our approach is designed to ensure your subsidiary operates as a distinct and compliant entity, separate from its parent company.

Understanding Domestic Subsidiaries

We provide expert insights into the nature and benefits of establishing a domestic subsidiary, ensuring clarity and alignment with your business goals.

Comprehensive Documentation Assistance

We will guide you through all necessary documentation, ensuring a smooth registration process.

One Person Corporation (OPC) Setup

We also offer guidance on establishing a single stockholder corporation, navigating the specific legal requirements for foreign investors.

Tailored Compliance Strategy

Our team ensures that your subsidiary adheres to all relevant tax and legal regulations, including income tax on worldwide income and dividend remittance.

Inquire about how we can make the establishment of your domestic subsidiary simpler and smoother.

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Our Commitment to Excellence

Decades of Industry Experience

With over two decades of experience in finance and accounting, Manila Bookkeepers brings unparalleled expertise to your financial management and business registration needs.

Our experienced team makes sure your company complies with all tax laws and regulations

Recognized as a trusted business partner in the Philippines  for establishing a business entity in the country and management accounting, we specialize in local tax compliance services, ensuring our clients’ accuracy and peace of mind.

work with us

Go beyond borders and register your business in the Philippines. With more than a decade of experience in the industry, our team of trusted and experienced accountants will guide you through the entire process.

Why Choose Manila Bookkeepers for Domestic Subsidiary Registration

Experience numerous key benefits when you outsource your domestic subsidiary registration to Manila Bookkeepers, including:

In-Depth Regulatory Knowledge

Leverage our extensive understanding of the Philippine corporate environment to ensure that your subsidiary is compliant and well-positioned for success.


Efficient and Customized Processes

Our streamlined registration services are customized to meet the unique needs of your business, ensuring an efficient and effective setup.

Strategic Business Structuring

We help you structure your subsidiary in a way that maximizes operational efficiency and aligns with your international business strategies.

Expertise in Diverse Business Entities

 Our experience spans across various forms of business entities, providing you with a knowledgeable partner for any corporate structure you choose.

Why Outsource Domestic Subsidiary Registration to the Philippines

Opting for the Philippines to register a domestic subsidiary brings numerous benefits, distinguishing it as an attractive location for international corporations:

Tailored Legal Framework Knowledge

Specialists in the Philippines are well-versed in the distinct legal frameworks that apply to domestic subsidiaries, ensuring your entity is set up with full legal compliance.

Efficient Company Structuring

Our experts excel in crafting the optimal corporate structure for your domestic subsidiary, balancing legal compliance with operational agility.

Market Entry Insight

Outsourcing in the Philippines gives you access to local insights that are critical for developing a successful market entry strategy, aligning your subsidiary with local market trends and consumer behaviors.

Cultural Navigation Expertise

The Philippines’ professionals are adept at navigating cultural nuances, ensuring your subsidiary aligns with local business practices and customs.

Incentive and Tax Benefit Navigation

We guide you through the myriad of incentives and tax benefits available for domestic subsidiaries, optimizing your financial strategy in the Philippines.

Local Network Access

By outsourcing your registration, you gain access to an established local network, opening doors to potential partnerships, suppliers, and clients in the Philippines.

Risk Mitigation and Compliance Assurance

Our team’s expertise in local regulations and risk management ensures that your subsidiary setup is secure and compliant, mitigating potential risks.

Sustainable Business Development Support

We provide ongoing support for sustainable business development, helping your subsidiary grow and adapt in the dynamic Philippine market.

Comprehensive Support for Registration Needs in the Philippines

Do you have difficulties establishing a domestic subsidiary in the Philippines? Turn to Manila Bookkeepers for thorough guidance. We manage every aspect of the transfer for your company, from complex legal procedures to meticulous documentation processes. Allow us to set the stage for your Philippine subsidiary to launch successfully.

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