Establish Your Global Business’ Presence in the Philippines

Manila bookkeepers is your reliable guide through the complexities of business registration in the philippines.

How We Can Help Register Your Business

At Manila Bookkeepers, we simplify the process of establishing your company’s presence in the Philippines. From documentation to compliance, we can facilitate your seamless integration into your new market. Our comprehensive approach ensures a smooth and compliant establishment for your business. We also provide customized services to meet your specific needs:

Representative Office Registration

We facilitate the registration of a representative office in the Philippines, ideal for foreign corporations conducting non-transactional operations.


Branch Office Setup

Establish a branch office in the Philippines as an extension of your company, sharing liabilities and leveraging local market presence.


Domestic Subsidiary Formation

We guide you in forming a domestic subsidiary in the Philippines, a separate legal entity from its parent company.


PEZA and BOI Registrations

We assist in registering your business with PEZA or BOI, enabling access to fiscal and non-fiscal incentives in the Philippines.


Let’s talk about how we can tailor a package for your business’ requirements.

Getting Started 


Choose A Package

Select a package that fits your needs. We also offer tailored services, ensuring that we have the right solution for your representative office’s needs.


Contact Us

Reach out via email or message. Our experienced team is ready to answer your questions and provide effective solutions for your business registration needs in the Philippines.


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Connect with our team online to discuss your specific requirements, standards, and expectations.


Sign Up and Engage

Once you’re ready, sign up with Manila Bookkeepers, and let’s start the journey of establishing your business presence with a representative office in the Philippines. 

Our Commitment to Excellence

Decades of Industry Experience

With over two decades of experience in finance and accounting, Manila Bookkeepers brings unparalleled expertise to your financial management and business registration needs.

Our experienced team makes sure your company complies with all tax laws and regulations

Recognized as a trusted business partner in the Philippines  for establishing a business entity in the country, we specialize in local tax compliance services, ensuring our clients’ accuracy and peace of mind.

work with us

Go beyond borders and register your business in the Philippines. With more than a decade of experience in the industry, our team of trusted and experienced accountants will guide you through the entire process.

Advantages of Outsourced Business Registration 

Outsourcing your company registration to Manila Bookkeepers has numerous key benefits:

Expert Guidance on Business Establishment

Use our extensive knowledge in registering representative offices in the Philippines. We will help you through every step and ensure your office follows local regulations.

Cost Efficiency in Setup and Operation

Significantly reduce the costs of establishing a company in the Philippines. Our outsourced services reduce the need for large in-house legal and compliance teams, allowing you to cut operating costs.

Concentrate on Strategic Business Goals

Outsource the difficult procedure of business registration to free up your critical time and resources. This allows you to focus on your primary company operations and strategic goals.

Gain Access to Local Market Insights

We give insights into local market conditions to assist you in making informed decisions about the setting up and operation of your company.

Scalable and Customized Solutions

Whether you’re establishing a Representative Office, a Branch Office, or a Domestic Subsidiary, our services may be scaled to meet your needs. We provide tailored solutions that evolve with your business in the Philippines.

Smooth Compliance and Risk Mitigation

Ensure that all Philippine company requirements are followed. Our team’s knowledge of local laws and business practices.

Why Outsource Business Registration to the  Philippines

Many companies choose to outsource their business registration to the Philippines for several reasons:

Expert Local Knowledge

Navigating the requirements for a representative office is simplified with local expertise. Professionals are knowledgeable with the legal and commercial nuances for representative offices.

English Proficiency for Clear Communication

The high level of English fluency in the Philippines facilitates effective communication, essential for the precise handling of representative office registration.

Dedication and Dependability

Filipino professionals are well-known for their strong work ethic and dedication, which ensures that your business registration is handled with the highest care and professionalism.

Business Support Infrastructure

The Philippines has a solid infrastructure in place to assist international enterprises, including legal, financial, and corporate services.

Cost-Effective Setup

Outsourcing to the Philippines provides a more cost-effective approach for business registration, drastically lowering your operational costs while retaining high-quality service.

Skilled Legal and Business Experts

Gain access to a group of experienced professionals in the Philippines that specialize in legal, compliance, and business registration.

Strategic Geographic Location

As a gateway to the Asian market, the Philippines is a great site for multinational enterprises wishing to grow their presence in Asia.

Launch Your Business in the Philippines with Manila Bookkeepers

Do you want to establish a business in the Philippines? Manila Bookkeepers can help you with all of your company registration needs. We offer a smooth start for your business, from legal processes to documentation. Let’s work together to make your business dreams a reality.

Explore Our Range of Services

Tax Services

Expert assistance in tax planning and compliance, ensuring you meet all regulatory requirements.

Accounting Services

This includes account supervision, financial reporting, and bookkeeping for effective financial management.

CFO Services

High-level financial strategy and management services for your business's growth.

Management Accounting Services

Tailored management accounting solutions to help you make informed business decisions.

Transfer Pricing Services

Navigating complex transfer pricing regulations to optimize your tax position.

PEZA/BOI Registration

Expertise in registering with the Philippine Economic Zone Authority and Board of Investments.