Local Partnerships: Collaborating with Philippine Firms for Success

Are you planning to outsource to another country?

Outsourcing is a proven strategy that has benefited multiple companies that want to expand their business to other countries. An accounting company in the Philippines mentioned that this approach allows your company to reduce costs without sacrificing the quality of the output you get. You also have access to a wide talent pool regardless of their location. One of the countries you should consider investing in is the Philippines. The country has a skilled and talented workforce that is fluent in English. Potential employees also have the skills you might need to support your back office or use as a regional hub. Filipinos can do accounting, finance, bookkeeping, IT, marketing, and other types of jobs that your company might need.

When you decide to establish a business entity in another country, you need to find a reliable partner. An accounting company in the Philippines mentioned the following best practices when looking for partners in the country.

Find an Established Company

You’ll need to partner with a company that has years of experience in the industry you want to be in or if you plan to use their services as support for your organization. An experienced business partner provides you with a smooth transition into a country that you plan to establish a company in. Look for an experienced accounting company in the Philippines to assist you. They’ll know which documents you need to acquire, the process flow and timelines, deadlines you need to meet, and other requirements you need to submit before you legally start operations. They can also assist you with bookkeeping and accounting tasks. They can serve as your support whenever you need to update your books and keep your financial information secure.

Look for a Reputable Organization

A good reputation matters when it comes to finding and establishing a business relationship. The quality of their deliverables and processes, the way they negotiate, the way they handle problems and customers, and their branding will reflect on your company. This close association can make or break your company when you enter the Philippine market or when you try to establish a business presence in the region. The last thing you want to happen is to tarnish your company’s reputation. Before signing a partnership contract, research about the companies on your shortlist. This allows you to learn more about them and the way they conduct business. This enables you to make an informed decision and establish your company in the Philippines successfully.

Identify Common Values

Partnerships are not always just about business as usual. More and more potential customers will choose a company not just for what they can do and offer, but also for their values. Before you select a partner, learn more about their culture and values. Identify the causes they commit themselves to, the charities they donate to, and the values they espouse. If there’s a disconnect between what they say and do, maybe they’re not the organization you’d want to associate with. If your company and your potential business partner have shared values, the transition and partnership will be more effective.

Consider a Complementary Partnership

An accounting company in the Philippines mentioned that when you look for a business partner, find one that can provide you with complementary services. This kind of partnership enables you to fill gaps in talent, experience, and skills. This approach enables your employees to focus on their areas of expertise. They don’t have to do tasks and take on projects that push them beyond their limits. This eliminates or reduces mistakes and delays in output delivery. You can also outsource some work for short-term needs. You don’t have to hire a full-time staff to meet the demands of seasonal sales fluctuations or surge in workload.

Get a Referral

A referral is one of the best ways to find an ideal business partner in the Philippines. Ask for referrals and reviews from colleagues in your industry. Your team can immediately get the contact information of decision makers after a meeting, an email, or phone call with a colleague that can connect you with a reliable company. Their referral shortens the time it takes to assess and verify the claims an organization makes when you do your own research. You already know someone who can vouch for the quality of the output and values of the company you intend to partner with when you establish a business in the Philippines.

Assess Business Compatibility

You might have found the ideal business partner. However, just because they tick off all the boxes on your list it doesn’t mean that your relationship with them will be smooth and successful. Assess your company’s and a potential business partner’s compatibility. Determine if you both have similar long and short-term objectives, vision and mission, working practices, software, and others. These details matter because you or they have to make a major adjustment for the partnership work. You or they might have to set up new software or hardware, change some business practices and processes, or hire new employees to fill new roles.

Financial Capability and Stability

An accounting company in the Philippines stated that you’ll be unable to create a win-win situation if your potential business partner is financially unstable. You might have to cover their expenses or prop up their company because they have a negative cash flow. The partnership must be between two equals when it comes to investing in another country. This allows you to achieve the objectives you established for your company. Learn more about the financial situation of your potential business partners. Review their financial statements and records if you can access them. Doing so enables you to determine if their company is financially stable.

Finding an ideal business partner allows your transition into a different country easier. You’ll learn more about the business landscape through your partner. Your company and team will adapt faster and achieve the goals you established within your deadlines.

If you need assistance with establishing a business entity, you’ll need the services of an experienced accounting company in the Philippines. We at Manila Bookkeepers can provide you with the expertise you need throughout the process of establishing a representative office, domestic subsidiary, or branch office.

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