Overcoming Challenges: Strategies for Adapting to the Philippine Market

Entering a new market in another country is a worthwhile investment; however, it can be fraught with difficulties before a company sees a return on investment. Some companies make multiple mistakes to make their foray into a new market a financial disaster. In such cases, they failed to understand the psyche and behavior of their intended audience.

Establishing a representative office in the Philippines or other types of business entity is a noteworthy investment because of the many benefits it provides companies that are willing to take a chance. However, you’ll need to adapt to the nuances in enticing Filipinos to join your outsourcing company. Your marketing strategy should account for Filipinos’ cultural tendencies.

These are the strategies you can implement to adapt to the Philippine market.

Include Humor and Wit in Campaigns

One way to grab the attention of Filipinos when you launch a recruitment campaign is to use humor in your job postings and advertisements. Filipinos like humor and witty wordplay. Playing with Filipino and English words or slogans grabs their attention. Use meme marketing to humanize your company. It also makes your brand relatable to prospective Filipino employees. Before using wordplay, puns, and memes, understand the context of what you’re sharing. Learn more about what makes your target audience laugh. What’s funny or witty in your country might not be the same in the Philippines.

Once you make an impression with your wit, you can include the details about the job you offer. Give enough information to pique the interest of applicants so that they send their resumes through your chosen platforms.

The Power of Storytelling

When you plan on establishing a representative office in the Philippines, you need top talent to be competitive. Your recruitment marketing campaigns should use the power of storytelling. Filipinos love feel good stories that either tug at the heartstrings or make them laugh or both. Integrate these elements in the materials you want to use from videos to memes to graphics. Create a relatable story based on the personas you fleshed out from your ideal applicant and employee. You could make something up from scratch or use the real experiences of your current employees. This approach enables you to show the human side of your company. Post your stories on your social media platforms to draw the attention of your target audience.

Make Your Best Offer

Your representative office in the Philippines won’t get top talent if your compensation package isn’t competitive. As the cliché goes, talk is cheap. Make an offer that will make your company the top choice of potential employees. The starting salary isn’t the only factor that will entice an applicant to choose you over other potential employers. Include incentives such as hybrid work arrangement, flexible hours, extra days off, bonuses, trips abroad, or others. This sets you apart from the rest of the potential employers in the country. Also discuss the career trajectory and your plans for your potential employees. This provides applicants with a clear understanding of their place in your organization if they decide to join.

Leverage Short Form Content

Attention spans have shrunk as different types of content appear on social media feeds. A person is unlikely to finish watching a video that’s longer than three minutes. This is why Instagram and TikTok have become so popular. Both allow users to upload short form content of anything from mundane to bizarre to informative. Leverage these platforms to reach your target applicants when you plan to establish a representative office in the Philippines. Provide information about your job openings and your company. Be open about your organization’s values and goals. Ask for volunteers to discuss why they chose your company over the others.

Better if it’s Free

Filipinos use social media regularly to post random thoughts, share memes, or simply browse their feeds. Share free content to reach your intended audience and possibly get more applicants. Get the consent of current employees to create content featuring them and their experiences working with your company. Share behind the scenes videos that can be light and funny or provide information about what your company does and believes in. Launch live videos on Facebook, Instagram, or other platforms whenever you have events such as year-end or Halloween parties or webinars discussing a topic. These allow prospective applicants to get a glimpse of who your company is.

Influence Using Influencers

Depending on the niche your company is in, you can leverage influencers to draw more talented and skilled applicants. Filipinos follow influencers who provide both entertaining and quality content. You can tap into influencers’ networks and reach to capture the audience you want. However, make sure to learn more about the branding of your chosen influencer so that they don’t dilute your message and company’s core values. This recruitment marketing strategy provides you with an alternative to interacting and connecting with your target market.

Show Up on Social Media

When trying to recruit employees for your representative office in the Philippines, expand your social media presence. Many Filipinos are on social media’s various platforms to consume content of any kind. You can tap into the country’s rich talent pool when you publish videos, memes, articles, and graphics through your company’s profiles. Filipinos can learn more about a job opening or a company’s reputation through what they see on social media. Produce high quality content that comes with information about your organization and the jobs you’re offering. Post updates regularly and provide a glimpse of what it’s like to work with your company. Respond to questions or reply to comments left on your pages or in forums and groups which you’re a part of.

Overcome challenges related to adapting to the Philippine market using the mentioned best practices. These strategies enable you to attract top and skilled applicants that can fill your company’s vacancies.

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