Strategies for Retaining and Growing Your Customer Base

Your customer base is one of your main sources of revenue. The bigger it is, the likelier you are to close a sale and boost profits. Once this erodes or plateaus, you might have a difficult time generating enough income to fund your expansion plans, launch marketing campaigns, or develop new products. Learning and implementing the best practices on how to get more customers enables you to enlarge your base.

Who is in your customer base?

The term customer base includes your potential, new, repeat, former, and low lifetime value customers. All of them have engaged with your brand in different ways based on their current, short-term, and long-term needs. They have purchased products from you or used your services at some point during their buyer’s journey.

How to Get more Customers

These are some of the best practices when it comes to acquiring more customers.

Review Your Customer Base

Learn more about your customer base so that you’ll know how to expand your audience and convert at a high rate. Use data to guide your brainstorming and strategizing. Software and tools allow you to pore through numbers and identify trends in shopping behavior, ideal months to launch a campaign, and which items are bestsellers. This also enables you to identify your customers’ characteristics. This makes it easier to craft the right message, branding strategies, and customize campaigns. Interview your loyal customers to learn more about their needs and wants. They might give you useful suggestions to improve your service, products, and processes.  

Establish a Target Market

One of the strategies on how to get more customers is to establish a target audience. The latter approach enables you to determine the characteristics and behaviors of the potential customers that are likely to convert. Send out surveys, conduct interviews (individual or groups), and analyze the data of website viewers and those that engage with your social media profiles. The information you retrieve allows you to gain insights into the best ways to address the pain points of your potential and current customers. Consider hiring a local team if your target market is in a different country, province, or state. A local team has first-hand knowledge of your intended audience.

Make a Profile of Your Customers

Making brand personas is a proven strategy that many companies have been using for years. Creating a persona allows your team to imagine who their target customer is. It provides them with a point of reference whenever they create campaigns, add features to products, or launch a new product. Be specific when you create a brand persona. Include the person’s age, gender, economic background, profession, location, and other relevant information about them. If you are targeting more than one segment, make distinct personas for each one.

Customize Interactions with Your Audience

Many customers look for authenticity when choosing a brand. Generic and cookie cutter messaging may turn your intended audience off. They’ll feel like you just want them for the money you can make. Learn how to get more customers by listening to them. This approach enables you to personalize your interactions with your target market. When you personalize your message, identify their location, purchase history, and issues they previously reported. These questions allow your team to connect with the person they’re communicating with. Use different platforms to engage your audience because some people prefer using social media, messaging apps, or email.

Create a Referral Program

Your loyal customers can act as an extension of your brand. They can serve as ambassadors whenever they recommend your products or services to people in their networks. Create an incentive for them to refer your company to people they know. This program makes a win-win situation for your customers and your brand. Some of the incentives you can offer include discounts on your latest products, exclusive access before a product launch, plan upgrade, longer warranty, and other similar offers. Establish a system that allows your team to monitor which customers have made successful referrals and if the campaign delivers the results you want.

Improve Engagement

Engaged customers are likely to leave good reviews, share your content, recommend you to people, and buy your products frequently. That’s why finding ways to engage your audience is one of the best practices on how to get more customers. Share various types of content relevant to your target market. These can be in the form of memes, long articles, how-to guides, videos, and images. Use platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and others to reach your audience and connect with them in an informal way. Apply social listening so that you can gain insights into how your audience thinks.

Always Listen to Your Base

Your customers should be one of your main sources of information about your products and services. If your offerings address their pain points, they’ll reward you with multiple and frequent purchases and your brand will be the first one they recommend to friends, colleagues, and family. A tone-deaf strategy will result in loss of customers and loss of confidence in your company. Conversations with your customers through various platforms enable you to know what they think about your brand, the service you provide, and the effectiveness of your products. They give you honest reviews about their experiences. You can use this feedback to improve your services, products, and strategies.

Grow Your Business through Your Current Customers

You don’t have to look outside your own consumers to grow your business. Increase their purchase frequency, add services to fill needs, and upsell current packages to generate higher profits from your current consumer base. Seek feedback from customers to identify additional services they might need. You can also assess the offers of your competitors to identify gaps you can possibly fill. Consider offering complementary product bundles so that a customer spends more whenever they shop. Train your sales staff to upsell or upgrade a subscription plan when customers visit your establishment.

These how to get more customers best practices allow you to achieve your sales targets and meet your expansion objectives. Take care of your consumer base through better service, addressing pain points, and product development. Doing so opens opportunities for your company to expand.If you need assistance in establishing a company in the Philippines, we at Manila Bookkeepers can assist you. Our accounting company in the Philippines can provide you with the services you need. Our team has the experience to guide you from start to finish.

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