Benefits of Outsourcing to the Philippines

Outsourcing has become a viable strategy for many foreign-owned companies that want a cost-effective approach to finishing projects and accomplishing tasks. The Philippines is one of the preferred outsourcing destinations because of a variety of advantages the country offers investors.

What are the benefits of outsourcing to the Philippines?

Filipinos are Fluent in English

One of the benefits of outsourcing to the Philippines is that Filipinos are proficient in English. The Philippines ranks high in English proficiency in the region. You don’t have to train them to communicate, write, or report in English. College graduates are likely to have native speaker or close to it proficiency. They can immediately start working on the project and tasks you assigned to them. This proficiency makes the Philippines an attractive outsourcing destination.

Filipinos are not only proficient in speaking and writing in English but are also familiar with the nuances of Western culture and some of its traditions. This enables them to build relationships with their Western counterparts.

Skilled and Talented Employees

When you plan on establishing a representative office, branch office, or domestic subsidiary in the Philippines, you’ll find a talented and skilled workforce that meet your standards and requirements. The country is known for its call centers. However, Filipinos also have skills that go beyond answering phone calls and troubleshooting. Many Filipinos are professionals with degrees in accounting, business management, computer engineering, human resources, web development, and others. The working population is young and motivated to prove themselves to their employers. They’re fast learners that can adapt to the needs of foreign-owned companies. They need minimal supervision once you have given them instructions and standards to follow. They can acquire the certifications you need when you delegate projects, clients, and/or tasks to them.

Cost-Effective without Sacrificing Quality

One of the benefits of outsourcing to the Philippines is that it offers foreign-owned companies a cost-effective option. Employees in the country provide low-cost labor without sacrificing the quality of their output. Outsourced service providers from the Philippines have shown they can deliver the results companies are looking for. That’s why many investors establish or expand their business entities in the country. Expats spend less compared to if they had stayed in their home countries. Businesses cut their expenses substantially with just hiring Filipino employees compared to their counterparts in Western countries. You don’t have to worry about poor quality output from Filipinos. They’ll meet your requirements within your deadlines.

First-Rate Work Ethic

Filipinos are hard workers and efficient at their area of expertise. They have a strong sense of responsibility and professionalism when it comes to work. They respect their managers and do their best to meet the objectives of the company that hired them. They can beat deadlines and do well even under pressure. They have a positive attitude at work and are resourceful when it comes to creating and implementing creative solutions their company might require. They also create a friendly office environment and know how to enjoy themselves and have fun after work hours.

Infrastructure in Place

The government of the Philippines has built infrastructure and technology and has implemented policies that allow the outsourcing industry to thrive. Some examples include the development of special economic zones, better internet connectivity, and IT parks. The special zones grant outsourcing companies tax incentives that enable them to generate substantial profits while reducing their costs. The technology in place enables outsourcing companies to communicate with their representative office, branch office, or domestic subsidiary regularly. It also allows them to provide their clients with first-rate services.

Adapted to Time Zone Differences

Filipinos working in the outsourcing industry have already adapted to the time zones of their parent companies. They can work night, mid, or day shifts if clients are based in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Europe, Canada, the United States of America, or anywhere else. You can establish a 24/7 Philippine team for troubleshooting, answering calls, or doing more skilled work. You can create their schedules and designate employees for each shift so that your clients are always attended to.

Operations are Flexible

One of the benefits of outsourcing to the Philippines is that you can have 24/7 flexible operations. You can have multiple teams working different shifts. This boosts the efficiency and productivity of your company without sacrificing the quality of the output. You can delegate tasks to your outsourcing team even at night and get the output you desire the following day. This keeps operations going regardless of the time. It’s also possible to scale your operations up or down depending on the needs of your business.

Accessible to Other Regional Markets

The Philippines has always had a strategic location which has made it a popular choice for businesses investing in the Asia Pacific region. Once you establish a business entity in the country, other Asian financial and economic hubs are within reach. Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Ho Chi Minh City, Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, and other major cities are a few hours flight away. You can use the Philippines as a hub for your operations in various places in Asia. It can also serve as your back office that provides support for your other operations in the region.

These are some of the benefits of outsourcing to the Philippines. The country is an attractive outsourcing destination because of the skilled and talented workforce, high level of English proficiency, scalable operations, possible tax incentives, and cost-effective salaries of hiring local employees. Now that you are familiar with these, you’ll need to find a reliable, trusted, and experienced business partner when you establish a presence in the country.

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